Monday, January 29, 2018

Sweet talks of my youngest son.

My youngest son aged 7 is a very naughty.
  1.  ہمارے نانا کو تو بہت ثواب ملتا ہو گا کیونکہ ان کا نام یاسین ہے اور قرآن میں آیا ہے 
  2. پاکستان پوسٹ والوں کے مقابلے میں اعزاز حاصل ہوا کہ دو لاکھ ڈاک ٹکٹ چھاپے گئے صمیان کی بنائی ہوئی بلائنڈ ڈولفن کے ' مگر جناب کو انعام نہ مل سکا کیونکہ تقریب انعامات میں مدعو کیے جانے کی اطلاع نہیں مل سکی تھی لہٰزا فیصلہ کر لیا کہ انعام نہیں ملا اب میں ڈرائنگ نہیں بناؤں گا ۔ اور بھر واقعی نہیں بنائی میں نے اور ان کی ماں نے بہتیرا سمجھایا ۔

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

کچھ  پسندیدہ  اشعار

یہ کون آیا کہ دھیمی پڑ گئی لو شمع محفل کی
پتنگوں کے عوض اُڑنے لگیں چنگاریاں دل کی

!!  بالاخر تھک ہار کے یارو '    ہم نے بھی تسلیم کیا
   اپنی ذات سے عشق ہے سچا ' باقی سب افسانے ہیں

گھر کی اس بار مکمل میں تلاشی لوں گا
غم چھپا کرمیرےماں باپ کہاں رکھتےہیں

 آگہی کا عذاب ڈس لے گا 
عمر بھر کتاب مت پڑھنا

بد گمانی  کو بڑھا  کر تم  نے یہ  کیا  کر دیا۔
خود بھی تنہا ہو گئے مجھکو بھی تنہا کر دیا۔

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A new Urdu website mainly for poetry and  urdu classical fiction etc.  :

Computer Magazine in Urdu                                                              :

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two Jokes I liked

One Friend to another friend : I was asked a million dollor question. The question was "Who is the most foolish person" I have kicked the prize but did not tell them yours name because you are my best friend.

One coffin-thief was about to die. He told her sons his last wish that after my death do something that people will praise your father (i.e. him).

After his death his sons thought a lot then they have decided not to only steal the coffin of the dead body but the started to beat the dead body and broke all the bones.
People started to say "The father of these sons was better than him" ha...ha...haaa

Thursday, June 12, 2008


It is a matter of wonder that the systematically develpment of the URDU language is done by many europeon countries. Thoug the earlier days Urdu language poet Wali Dakkhani was saying the poetry in Urdu language and it was very famous language at that time but the systematic and scientific look after is done by some Europeon invader nations, like Portugese, French and Englishmen.

Ameer Khusro (1253-1325) Very famous Urdu Poet.

Wali Dakkhani (1664) simple poetry :

Tujh lub ki sifat laal-e-BadakhshaN se kahooN gaa
Jadoo hain tere nain ghazalaN se kahooN gaa

Muflisi Sub bahaar khOtee hai
Murd kaa Aetbaar khOtee hai

The Europeon furnished the Grammar rules and other dictionaries of the Urdu Language. In fact it was done for the learning of the Invaders but it promoted the Urdu very much in a Scientific manner.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Children Learn

When we try to teach our children to become a good citizen and good person what we teach them practically when we do not stop on a red light at traffic signals, when we tell our children to tell the caller that told him that I am not at home.